Shadows Can Kill You...

“What’s your name?” Iellia asked the Guardian.
You don’t have to speak, I can hear your thoughts. the Guardian said in her mind. And my name is Eric. With an “i”.
Iellia flinched. That was a little loud. she thought. Can you hear all my thoughts?
Not if you don’t want me to. ‘said’ Eric less loudly. I will only ‘listen in’ when you give me permission.
Good. thought Iellia relieved. Is that whole shadows attacking me on th exact moment of my 13th birthday normal?
Eric’s mind-voice grew grim. Shadows are not normal. They were trying to kill you. They might have suceeded too, if you had been weaker or sleeping.
Iellia shivered. They can kill me? Even though I’m the Shadow Wraith? she asked fearfully.


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