Peeping Tom

Olivia sat at her computer instant messaging her friends. It had been a normal day at school and all the girls were gossiping about some boy named Jake. Olivia didn’t have a clue who Jake really was but according to her friends he was sweet, strong, and hot. But he was also, smelly, perverted, and annoying. Olivia was the only one home because her mom worked late downtown. Her iTunes music blared over the speakers and she whispered the lyrics to herself.
For no reason she looked out the window. There peeking over the wood edge was a dirty, scruffy man. Screaming Olivia ran towards the unlocked front door. The man became alert and ran towards the door too, in hopes of getting inside. Luckily Olivia got to the door first, flipping the lock she sprinted to her phone. She dialed 911. Glancing nervously back out the window she watched as the man sprinted away from the house. His bedraggled hair flopped in the wind as he ran away. This had been a nightmare.

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