Unexpected Visitor {2}

The young intern left though I did not notice. I continued to ponder my current location wondering how I got into this hospital bed and why. Did I pass out at the party? Oh my God! Am I drunk? Does my dad know? Oh, I knew I never should have gone to that party!

I was panicking. Needless to say, I had no recollection of the night. Had I remembered the incident that landed me here, I would have been panicking from the moment I heard the doctor’s conversation with the fat cop. Not until the very same cop walked into my room (unbeknownst to me, I might add) did I begin understand the true gravity of the situation at hand. From the moment he sat down in the chair across from me, I became overwhelmed with memories. I was inundated with the same horrible fear that had swallowed me up earlier that night. I began to hyperventilate, at which point the fat cop leapt up from his chair and waddled out of the room to find assistance. Before he could return with help, I had blacked out.

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