Macy was nervous to see her first band performance. It wasn’t that big; it was only a local band. But didn’t know why. She didn’t want to go in. But still, she reluctanlty walked in and found a seat with her family.
The band started with each section walking on stage and sittng down while playing. Macy was very impressed, but her fear did not go away.
When the flutes came in, Macy’s blood ran cold. Her heart stopped. She didn’t know why. She began to feel sick with fear.
I have to get out of here! she thought.
She ran to the bathroom and stayed in there the whole performance. Her mother came in looking for her at the end. Macy claimed to be sick ,which really wasn’t lying, and her mother walked her out to the car.
A few weeks later, Macy was watching T.V. when her parents came in the room.
“Look what we got you for school!” her mother exclaimed. Macy unwrapped the paper, reveiling a small case. Inside was a shiney new flute. Macy screamed and fainted.
Macy had Aulophobia, or fear of flutes.

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