A Ridiculously Unplausible Love Story, or Why Does His Shirt Keep Coming Off? Part Five

Guy, who’s shirt had just come off again, fought his way througt the chaos-filled cabin to the pilot door. “Yep,”he said grimly, “There’s definatly no pilot!
“Look at these!” called Girl from the cabin. She staggered over to Guy, holding out four small metal squares. Guy grabbed them and read:
“Juliet Aria, Flight Attendant”
“Romeo Diamond, Flight Attendant”
“Bert or Ernie, Co-pilot”
“Euanice Buttikins, Pilot”
Guy and Girl started to laugh hysterically.
“Buttikins! Ha!” howled Guy, rolling on the floor (though not entirely volunatarily, as the plane was still rolling).
“Eunice! Buttikins!” wheezed Girl. “And she was the pilot and she JUMPED ! Hahahaha-” Girl and Guy stopped suddenly.
“She was the pilot and she jumped…”repeated Girl, looking stricken.
“Whoops…” said Guy
“You can say that again..”
Girl socked him.

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