The Insane Knight Takes a Break

They rode through the dark forest. The Insane Knight and his headless Dwarven zombie sidekick, Tlod, had traveled for what seemed like an eternity in persuit of the person who had taken Tlod’s head.

The Insane Knight looked down at his tattered suit of Paper Mache armor. It had been a long time since he had seen to its mending, and his stomach had been grumbling for some time, so he thought that they should take a break from their quest and stop at the next village.

He said to Tlod, “Shall we rest at the next village? I realize that, in your zombified state, you do not feel the discomfort that a long and perilous journey such as ours can inflict on a mere mortal.”

Tlod shrugged, which was his usual response.

So they stopped in the next town and stayed at an Inn while they waited for the Papersmith to finish mending the Paper Mache armor.

The Knight had almost drifted off to sleep when the sound of an alarm bell startled him awake and he heard some of the the townspeople screaming, “Giant Stampede!”

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