Promise Ring (The Haven Chapters) LA Series

“How could she just assume what this symbol means?” he said.
“Who?” he said.
“You know who I’m talking about, dont play dumb Dewayne. She thinks that I’m married,& she thinks she’s just some girl on the side,& its not even like that.
“Then Davis tell her what it is!”
“Dewayne, but she’s a little hard headed, she thinks that I’m hiding stuff and that I’m sneaky.”
“Dog, you are sneaky.”
“No, I can be sneaky but not with her. I can be sneaky with a sexual situation though.”
“Well, you know her. You know she breaks everything down especially when her bestfriend is in the room.”
“Dang! I can’t tell her what the ring means, but its not a wedding ring, just a promise ring. Why can’t she just be understanding, she’s always so defensive.”
“Yeah, I know, women always think a man is cheating.”
“She thinks me and Ash are married but why cant she see that I’m telling the true! Its a dang promise ring. Just a promise ring.”
“It’s okay man. Andi will understand.”
Then Andi walked in. “Andi will understand what?”

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