The Truth Comes Out (The Haven Chapters) LA Series

“Andi will understand what Davis?” she said.
“Andi!” he said.
“Dewayne. Davis.So what? Your talking about me?” she said.
“Yeah, we were.” said Dewayne. “Go ahead man, tell her.”
Davis walked over to her, grabbed her hand and lefted the room.He guided her down the hallway, up the steps to Detre’s room.

“Hey guys, wassup.”
“Hey Detre, I know Andi will tell you this anyway so I want to tell you straight up now.”
“Well, come in.”
Detre directed Andi & Davis into his room.
“This is not my business, so I’m leaving, but ya’ll can use my room for privacy.” Detre said as he left.
They sat on Detre’s bed, in silence.
“What do you want to tell me Davis?”
“I want to stress to you that this is not a damn wedding ring.”
“No, its not, so just listen to me for once.”
“Excuse me, I listen to you all the time, so dont pull out that card.”
“Andi! You want to make this relationship work, then let me be the man.”
“What!Then why is Ash so important in your life!”
”...C-C-Cause s-she having my baby.”

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