The Deal

“Is this the place?” Jack squinted at the squat apartment building.
“Yep, this is it. This is where the bastard lives.” An ugly grin broke out on Mike’s face.
Their van rolled up to the curb, headlights out.
“What, so we’re just going to go in and shoot him?” Jack was still staring at the apartments.
Mike pulled a Colt .45 out of his jacket and cocked it. “You thought we were just coming to chat? He screwed me out of $50,000, Jack. I’m not going to let him just walk away.” Mike stepped out onto the street.
Jack stepped out warily. “But he’s a cop, they’ll come after us. The drugs are one thing, murder… I just don’t think it’s a good idea. Let’s just go home, Mike. Christ, we already pushed our luck in that raid.”
Mike scowled. “We wouldn’t have been raided at all if it wasn’t for him. Who else knew that the deal was happening tonight?”
“No, I’m doing it. Even if you won’t.” He started down the row of apartment doors. Jack grudgingly palmed his snub-nose .38 revolver and followed.
“117. This is it.

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