I'm Smarter Than That (The Haven Chapters) LA Series

“Cause WHAT !”
“Andi!” he said.
“What! Are you fucking serious!” When did this shit happen!” she screamed.
“A couple months ago.”
“How many months!”
“How many months!”
“Wait, calm down! I aint telling you nothing, until you calm down.”
“Davis, a girl is pregnant. Who is the woman?”
“My ex-fiance.”
“Is that what the ring means?”
“Its means your always be with her.” said Andi.
“No, it means, my child will always have a dad that loves him as I love her as his mother & not my wife. Do you hear me Andi! Do you understand the words that are coming out my mouth. I care for you to much to let you go but I do have a son now that I have to care for.”
She looked at him, walked up to him & then slapped him.
“I’m hurt cause you wouldnt tell me until now.. 7months into her pregnancy. I already knew about Ashley, her son & you. I heard from Lil Rob. I just thought that it was just a lie or a rumor. I thought my man, would have the balls to be real with me, but I had to push him, to tell me.Damn!”

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