A Ridiculously Unplausible Love Story, or Why does his shirt keep Coming Off? Part Six

Well, you can’t blame her. He WAS being a butthead of epic proporsions (acually, he got in the record book for that twice). But when he woke up, he was pretty mad. Girl was sorry, though, and they soon made up. Then they turned to the problem of there being absolutely no crew on the now bucking airplane, all of them having just eloped off the side.
“Maybe one of the other passengers can fly it!” yelled Guy, fighting his way towards Girl. They staggered over to the door and wrenched it open. On the way, Guy managed to snag his shirt and put it back on, but unfortunately the tearing winds from the still-open door pulled it back off again. Girl gave a silent thanks and managed to stagger into the Business class department.

It was empty.

“Man!” yelled a frustrated Guy. “Where’d they all go?”
“I think they eloped too.” replied Girl quizzicly.
“What makes you say that?”
“I can still see them falling.”

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