We've Been Waiting

“Sam,” a voice called. “We’re coming for you”. Sam ran as fast as he could. But it didn’t matter how fast he ran. He could not escape the voices. “Sam,don’t be afraid”.
Sam’s feet pounded the pavement. He saw an old general store;the pale light coming from it’s porch. Once there, he grabbed the door knob. It slowly turned. Sam could not overcome the joy of it being unlocked. He walked in. It was pitch black. He found a flashlight next to the door.
“This seems too easy,” he said quietly to himself.
He shined the flashlight. Immediatly he saw the food aisle. He hadn’t eaten in over 24 hours, so he grabbed the food and started to dig in.
If Sam hadn’t been so hungry and scared, he may have noticed an old man sitting in the corner. The man slowly walked over to Sam. He put his hand on Sam’s shoulder. Sam screamed in fright. He looked up at the old man.
“I am so sorry I broke into your store,”Sam said.
The old man did not answer.
“I’ll be getting out now.”
“Oh no, Sam. We’ve been waiting.”

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