Mock Pop Culture Challenge: Encompass

Twirling in my ergonomic desk chair I begin to think of what possible destinations my computer could take me tonight. In my daze I suddenly think of that movie I want to see. What’s it called? Renee Russo’s in it, my favorite actress.

With lovely Renee on my mind, I log on YouTube to see the preview. Sleep-eye is the only explanation for misspelling her name and having some interesting Japanese commercials pop up. After fixing my error, the movies are watched and I enjoy her e-company. After the fourth or fifth video, boredom sets in and I see an ad for a new television show I read about on TMZ , that gossip site.

The theme song for the show is a good one and I open itunes to find out who it is. I’m always looking for new content on my ipod since my eclectic mix of music could never (and will never) fill it completely.

I find out it’s actually by one of my favorite Indie Rock musicians ‘The Clientele’. After downloading it, I close my laptop and grab a popular book titled “Really, anything popular.”

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