Phosphate...Not a type of fat.

Do people have a favorite word?

Phosphate. I use it for everything. Emails, Screen names, Pen Names, and User Names.

My friends, they make fun of me sometimes, for my obsession with Phosphate. They call it a weird word, and tell me I use it way too much.

My best friend likes to joke about how my favorite word means fat. Well…she’s right, in a sense. It’s a type of acid.

phosphate: a salt of phosphoric acid;

But don’t start thinking I’m weird, that I’m obsessed with some type of acid. That’s not how this all came about.

You see the first time I discovered the word Phosphate I was at East Coast Custard. And there it was, under desert beverages.

phosphate: A soda fountain drink made by blending carbonated water with flavored syrup;

I got one, there was nothing special about the drink, it was just like a soda, but from then on I actually had a favorite word.

So when you think of Phosphate, think of a carbonated drink, not a type of fat.

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