Embracing The Pain

Shrinks don’t tend to lie, do they? They can see right through weak defenses and poorly built barricades. I would know, because they try to help me. They can’t anymore, though. No one can. It’s over. Quick, not so painless. But the pain; I embraced it. I thrived on it, through to the last strands of my life. And then it all just stopped. And I was gone, and the time for tears and pain will never come again, not for me. And no one was there to care, no one stopped me. I’m glad, they can be happy now. All of them, and me. I can be one of them, now. We can be together, happy. I’m gone, and for the first time I can ever remember, I know in my mind that this time, everything will work out, and I’ll never have to hate it all again.

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