Robin stumbled down the staircase of the apartment building. He knew he had been poisoned with fear gas. In the archway stood a gaunt figure wielding a scythe. He wore a stitch covered mask and a noose around his neck.

“You will not deny me a magnificent test subject!” He said as he swung.

Robin narrowly dodged the slice. Though he was poisoned, Crane was allowing emotion to overtake him. That’s all Robin needed.

“I’m not afraid of you Scarecrow.” Robin said. “No one is.”

“You bluff!” Cried The Scarecrow swinging wildly.

“No I don’t.” replied Robin calmly. “You’ve failed.”

Suddenly Batman’s voice echoed in Robins ear. “Tim I’m here.” he said. “Crane had hacked our radio signal. He sent a fake distress call to you and jammed me out. The test subject he wanted all along was you, not me. I’ll be right over.”

Robin kicked The Scarecrow in the head. Moving quickly he handcuffed, then tied him.

“I am terrifying! I am!” The Scarecrow screamed.

Robin just sat down. He couldn’t help but laugh.

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