John's discovery

John turned the girl over and stood up halfway. A look confirmed his confused thoughts, burning pieces of the helicopter were scattered around the field, the night brightend by the flames. A hand squeezed his arm. He looked down and was drowned in her eyes again…
Red spots spread across the white dress of the girl, a small splinter had torn through her back, her hair was singed. Her voice a whisper.
“Take this, John. It’s the beginning of a new age.”
She produced a small piece of paper and pressed it into his hand. He held her…
“But…”, he mumbled.
“No!” – again, the determination and strength in her voice – “No! Run!”.
John swallowed hard, a tear running across his cheek. Then he took the paper and ran up the hill, towards his car.

Three days later Professor John von Neumann published his model for a computation machine, marking the beginning of a new age. The information age.

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