How Could You? (The Haven Chapters) LA Series

She left the room, leaving him standing still, stopped in his tracks, just dumbfounded of what just happened. He sat on the bed, and put his hands over his hand.

“Davis? Where’s Andi?” said Detre.
“Oh.” he sounded surprised.
“Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, do you know where lil Rob is?” said Davis.
“Yeah, probably running his mouth somewhere in Gross Hall.” Detre jokingly said.
“No, Dee, I’m serious, I got a bone to pick with that kid.”
“Oh snap, um.”
“Well, do you know where he is or what?” snapped Davis.
“Woah, he downstairs, on the 2nd floor with Dewayne.”
“Yeah, Dee bring ya popcorn cause there going to be show.”
“Oh Snap!”

Davis calmly walked out of the room, with his fist growing anger, as he smoothly walked down the steps with Detre following, he enter the 2nd floor doors. Outside of Lil Rob’s room was Laura, Dewayne and Rob W.

“Hey, whats good fella” said Lil Rob as he was talking to the other three.Davis walked up to him & hit him directly in the face causing him to hit the floor.

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