Here Goes

“I’m not moving this car an inch until you tell me what’s going on!” Mrs. Thompson replied.
“Oh, you see, there really isn’t time! He’s probably seen me already!” Scarlet pleaded with her.
“Mom, if you won’t drive, I will!” Holden stretched his foot toward the gas pedal. The car accelarated to a dangerous speed, before stopping at the airport. “I love you, Mom, but we need to go!”
“Where are we going now?” Scarlet’s breathing had finally slowed down.
“We’re gonna try my brother’s. In Nebraska. That should be far enough, right?” Holden’s hair was plastered to his sweaty forehead.
“Thank you for running with me.”
“I’d choose to everytime.” Holden sat back and closed his eyes.
“What is your brother’s name?” Scarlet wiggled her nose.
“Josiah. Haven’t talk to him in years, either. We all sorta spread out all over after high school.”
“Here goes.”
“Who knows?”

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