“Who’s there?” Nicòle called into the light. A tall figure revealed himself to them.
“Terribly busy. Terribly busy. Formulations… Hello? Who are you?” The man said. Henri’s eyes narrowed.
“Who are you?” He echoed the man.
“Stop it! I asked first!” The man’s face contorted in anger.
“I am Henri. This is Nicòle. Are you Avogadro?”
“Avocado? No, thank you.”
“No, Avogardo! How did you get here?”
“Here? What is Here? Where is Here?” The man showed genuine curiosity.
This is here. Who are you?”
“I am Me. Of course, I am also I, as well as Moi…” Nicòle beckoned for Henri to come closer to her.
“I think he’s trying to confuse us.” She whispered.
“Yes, well then, we simply must be going!” Henri told the man. Suddenly, darkness enveloped them.
“No!” The man screeched.

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