Fritz and Zooey: The Truth About Reid

Zooey nervously looked around, and returned her gaze to the mysterious stranger. Reid had a pallid complexion, cheekbones sucked in forming little anorexic puckers in his face. His eyes were large, doll-like, sagging in the corners making the brown tint of his eyes look sad.

Zooey squinted, he looks attractive if he doesn’t smile, she thought.

Reid’s lips curled up menacingly into a smile. Zooey frowned.

“Listen,” he said leaning forward on one elbow towards her, “You knew it was going to happen didn’t you?”

“Know what?” Zooey asked.

Reid laughed a little before answering, “That Fritz and Nasa would get together. Come on, you know better than that.”

Zooey edged back in her seat, afraid.

“How did….” She stammered.

Reid narrowed his gaze, “Let’s just say I’ve harmlessly been observing.”

Zooey was speechless.

“Why?” She demanded.

“Maybe its the wine talking, or my delirious lonliness, but…” he trailed off.

“I’ve been writing a character based on you.”

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