Welcome to the Biggest Mental Institution ever(earth)

Why do we find ourselves so interested in the insane and out-of-control lives of hmm, let’s see. . .Britney Spears, Nicole Richie(who is now probably more than 5 pounds woo-hoo for Nicole!),Paris Hilton(sooo NOT hot), Lindsay Lohan, and oh how the list goes on!
But, why are these people’s lives so entertaining to us. I mean seeing someone shave her head, ruin her reputation on national TV(actually it was probably the 15th time), then lose custody of her kids,well, that’s not that important to us.
Okay, maybe it is.
But still. . .
I mean, there’s tons of “hot” people in this ludacris world.
So why do we obsess over these people?
Well, my friend, we may never know, because we’re just to darn busy watching them.

I know, I’ll admit it, Paris Hilton has got me hypmotized too.
Not really.

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