A Ridiculously Unplausible Love Story, or Why Does his Shirt Keep Coming Off? Part Seven (Don't worry it's almost done)

“What’s with this jumping out of airplane trend?” sighed Girl.
“It’s a desperate ploy by a ficleteer to get some cheap laughs by endlessly repeating the same joke.”
“Oh. Yeah.”

Girl and Guy were contemplating the desperateness of the nameless ficleteer when the plane crashed somewhere in Minnisota…or Montana..One of those “M” ones, at least. Anyway, Girl and Guy were trapped under about 1/16 of the Boeing 747 (aka really big plane) with a lot of stuff on top of them. Girl was knocked out and laying on top of Guy, who was thourouly enjoying it, except for the whole impending doom thing. That can get you down sometimes…

Anyway, Girl finally woke up and rolled off of Guy, then rolled back on again, realizing that there was no space to roll out into and she hadn’t rolled off in the first place. Guy suddenly remembered that his shirt was gone, giving him superpowers, allowing him to rip open the tons of steel above them in a thourouly handsome way and lifting Girl out in a even more handsome way.

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