The Sky's Gone Out!- a Bauhaus inspired ficlet

I have never wished for darkness with such fervor as I did when the flash of light consumed my entire field of vision.

My back makes contact with a brick wall, at a high speed. The heat is searing, and my flesh rises in first tiny, then large boils. I attempt to scream, but no sound eminates from my throat. As I attempt to peek through fiery eyelids, the whole world turns to glowing orange and hellfire yellow.

I pray for death to relieve me, and I can feel myself slipping, slipping, slipping… into the inky darkness of eternal sleep, brought on by violent means. The blackness has nearly overtaken me, and I am nearly saved…

I sit up in bed, screaming. I am in darkness still, and I point to what I imagine is skyward, and scream, “The sky’s gone out!”

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