Poor Work Ethic - Another's View

Jen’s day started off the same as any other. She came in, tried starting her computer (which takes 20 minutes) and grabbed some coffee. Then her boss asked her to work with her co-worker Jason on a project. This annoyed her. She thought to herself, ugh, he’s always so cranky. What the heck’s wrong with that boy?

But alas, she put on a smile and walked to his cubicle, which is notably dark. She could never figure out why he demanded a window be installed and then covered it up with a blanket.

She knocked on his door and thought to herself—who puts a door on a cubicle? Then asked, “Jason, I know you’re busy, but can you run metrics on project 4-5-1-20-8 please?â€?

Like always, he didn’t answer. He was even rude enough this time to not even look at her. She rolled her eyes and walked away while calling him an “ass” under her breath.

How was she going to explain this one to her boss? She couldn’t complete the project without him. Oh well, maybe he’ll perk up later and I’ll try again, she thought.

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