Time pt.3

Candy.Thosands of pounds and millions of pieces of candy flooded down onto the street below.Citizens alternatley covered their heads and then,laughing like children,proceeded to eat and grab all that they could.This caused a big enough delay, but it was not completly to blame.Plastic wrappers flew around the square,piling in corners and grouping underneath traffic lights like fake birds,waiting for tidbits from passing people.Plasma signals that ran the lights were disrupted,causing a catastrophic breakdown.Within 5 minutes,there were numerous cars piled up in the square,led astray by bogus signals.All in all,it caused a meager delay,only about 15 minutes.But in a society that was built on time,this delay would have far reaching consequences.The shadow smiled, and his job complete,jumped away through the night, once again nowhere to be found.Or so he thought.A solitary camera followed his movements, the machine being the only worker that had kept it’s time quota.It soon had police on the shadowy mans trail.

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