You come to me to ask my real name. You barely get the words out of your mouth when a large gorilla in a suit jumps on you and reads you your rights.You get lead away to a 6×5 and are fed out of date MRE ’s from the military.Two days later you get dragged to a courtroom by the same guy in a suit and a judge asks you what offense you comitted. You try to stammer out none but he cites you for contempt of court and the prosecution eats you alive.The bodyguard in the suit appears agan with a straitjacket and proceeds to bind you inside it. He leads you roughly down the hall to another cell and throws you inside. As you try to pick yourself off the floor, he smiles at you.”have a nice day,and see you in 10 years.” he says with a grin that would scare a blind rabbit.
I look through your cell window an say with regret,”Sorry bout all thiis, but you had to ask didn’t you?”

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