Fighting Magic {Simon story}

Simon rolled out of the way, narrowly avoiding the spell Simon had sent forth. Unfortunately, Carl had foreseen this, and sent one on Simon’s other side. “You got Mrs. Bitch to evict me -.”

“That wasn’t her last name.” Simon stayed on the ground, the two dangerous spells on either side of him. He’d known Carl was a stronger sorcerer, he’d just underestimated by how much. And he was afraid he still didn’t know the fullness of Carl’s power.

“It damn well should’ve been,” Carl answered.

Simon felt a tingling and he knew that Sarah was sending him an image of the mean kitten, blood still dried around its jaw, standing with a woman’s figure and a part cat/part wolf face. Gorram!

The spells had worn Carl out so when Simon sent a powerful blast, it knocked Carl off his feet.

Simon slashed through Bast’s cuffs, freeing the goddess so she could add a further spell. “We have to be quick,” Simon said. “Teekl’s upstairs, ready to attack.”


“He was really into those gorram comics.”

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