The Pains of Birth

“Wha… no frakkin way! How are the…?” But Simon was cut short, a wave of unimaginable pain shocking his system.

Blake gave a worried look towards Simon. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

uhnnn It…hurts,” Simon grunted, the shivering sensations forcing him to his knees. “ugh Birthing…pains.”

Blake went down to one leg, clamping one firm hand on Simon’s shoulder to both sturdy and support him. “Tell me what’s happening.”

Simon gasped and the pigment departed from his eyes. “It’s her,” he stated, calmed by his own magic. “She’s… oh frak, she sees me.”

“Can’t,” Blake responded. “Impossible. She’s got no where near the juice to double-back on a scrying spell.”

“She’s ascended,” Simon cried, his eyes returning to normal. “She’s become a gorram God.”

“Not good,” Blake said with a shake of his head. “Really not good.”

“No, it’s fine,” Simon replied. “Your frakkin Horsemen are here, they’ll handle her.”

“They’re not Gods,” said Blake. “A God could wipe the floor with them. A God can open a gate to Hell.”

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