“So did you get my Asprin?”

Actually, I totally forgot about that in the rush. Shoot, uhmm..

“Sorry something happened and I kinda lost it, a little.”

“Ughhhh..” was all he could groan.

I hated seeing him in so much pain, made me feel like I was in that much pain. Sort of comes with the love I guess.

I walked over and sat on his bed, being careful not to tip the bed. I compared his face currently to the tan face it was before, and it had paled immensly. I run my hand through his jet black hair, and look into his identically black eyes, which occasionally closed and scrunched up from the pain. He turned his head and looked at me, as I was looking at him. I could tell he was about to kiss me, but second thought himself as to not spread the disease. I rested my head atop his shoulder, and we drifted off into sleep.

It seems every time I fall asleep on his shoulder, something bad happens when we wake up:

The first thing I see is Nurse Lovoski calling Security.

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