Teekl Awakens {Simon Story}

Teekl stirred, yawned and woke up. The cat grinned eerily and seemed to look around the room with greed.

“Carl has recovered,” Simon summarized. “And his minion is acting like a camera, reporting all this back to him.”

“Really, the door’s just over there -.” Tommy motioned.

“This guy has evil on his mind,” Sarah appeared to be in a trance. “He’s going to Hell, and he’s taking the whole world with him.” She broke from the trance, looking like a scared little girl. “How do we run from that?”

“We don’t,” Simon answered. “We fight, even if we die in the process.”

“We give him one heck of a war,” Bast agreed. Suddenly, she shrieked, pointing at Teekl. Simon, Sarah, and Tommy all turned to see that the cat had resumed its cat/wolf face with a woman’s body.

“Yeah, Carl’s cast a spell on it,” Simon told her. “It makes Teekl a warrior in his game.”

“Forget about that,” Bast snapped, unleashing a little lightening streak that singed the fur on Teekl’s tail. “That orange little bitch stole my look!”

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