Time pt.4

The police officer sat dozing at his desk, uncaring of his time constraints.He dreamed about many things that night;doughnuts and the receptionist danced alternatly around in his sleepy mind.Then, the secretary got close to him, in his dream at least.He smiled sleepily as she raised her arm and motioned him in for a kiss.As he neared though,she opened her mouth and emitted a terrible wail.He awoke with a start, spilling copious amounts of hot coffee down his uniform.He cursed under his breath as the screen in front of him continued to flash red and scream like a banshee.He finally dabbed the excess off his pants and looked at the screen.On the screen, the Shadow could be seen, vaulting from rooftop to rooftop with grace and ease.”Uh,boss?You better come in here an take a look at this.” he managed to stammer out from his sleep filled brain.
The chief came strorming into the room.He took 1 look at the screen and smiled, saying,”Get your coat, wer leaving.”

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