The Insane Knight Battles the Giants

The Insane Knight stood, completely naked, in the center of the village. The ground was trembling due to the rapidly approaching giants. They hadn’t quite made it to the village yet, but they were close. He reached for his sword, then realized that he was naked and he had never owned a sword anyway. Then he blacked out.

When he came to, the village was burning. Every building was in flames. There were no people around to try and extinguish the flames. He could see the corpses of the giants lying sprawled across the land in the distance. Something had stopped them before they made it to the village. But what caused the fire? He started to wonder what had happened to Tlod, when he saw the headless dwarven zombie, walk out of the burning Inn. Tlod didn’t seem to notice that he was on fire.

“I seem to have blacked out again, my friend,” said The Insane Knight.

The burning Tlod shrugged.

“We should probably be on our way now. I don’t think we can put these flames out by ourselves.”

Tlod shrugged.

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