At Water's Edge

“Please,” Jonathan pleaded with the tall man, “She can’t breathe down here, like we can.” The man blinked before snapping his fin-like fingers. A bubble surrounded Winnie and she breathed deeply. The man left through an unseen exit.
“Jonathan, what was the naughty thing you did?” Winnie’s eyes spelled fear.
“I said the unforgivable words.” He whispered.
“What were they?”
Ô Mort, viex capitaine, il est temps! levons l’ancre! Ce pays nous ennuie, Ô Mort!” Jonathan’s eyes closed as he whispered the words.
“But, why? Jonathan, why would that make all of this happen?” Winnie couldn’t understand.
“Because, Winnie, I said them at the water’s edge. And that was asking for it.”

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