What Happen?

The stench of his rotting corpse was drowned by the overwhelming smell of fresh coffee, burnt popcorn and smoked salmon from his cubicle-nested neighbors.

One night, after everyone but his supervisor, Suzie, had blissfully bailed with a flippant “Peace Out” and taken the drive home, there was a terrific storm. Lightning struck the building, flying through the over-extended network and resting gently in Jason’s blue-toothed ear.

Jason awoke, animated and wondered why he was still in the office. “Meh” he said, realizing quite suddenly that parts were not working. “Mph” he mumbled, wondering when that frickin’ meeting was supposed to be.

He looked down at the pile of last-minute chores on his desk and wondered how he could be expected to turn out this much magic when he couldn’t seem to get his mouse to work.

Then it him—Jason had been Zombified!

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