Shadow Seer

I woke up one night to a sight that I’ll never forget: a shadow, the shape of a person, standing over me. I don’t remember why I woke up, just that when I opened my eyes, the shadow drew back. It seemed to grab the edge of an invisible curtain and draw it over itself, disappearing into nothingness.
I went back to sleep and, in the morning, thought it was a dream. Then I saw the Mark in the mirror, a seven-pointed star that seemed to be etched into the skin of my upper chest and made out of shadow, only it didn’t go away in the light.
Ever since that day everything I say is going to happen, has happened. When I make a prediction, I feel a rush of power. I used this ability to make myself very rich, get the perfect husband, and to strike fear into hearts of the lowly. It started innocently enough, I wanted to see if I could predict death. I first predicted the death of my sister’s dog, when that happened, I predicted the death of my sister herself. I didn’t stop predicting until I wiped out my family.

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