A Home Across the Water

The sun begins to rise over the lake, splitting a bright seam into the total blackness of the night. She is glad to be able to see again; to have the vision and the light she never would have guessed was so important.

All her limbs ache, but she forces herself to push on, to continue rowing the boat. The waters seem endless, and she finds herself wondering if there is an end to this journey. The waves rock her back and forth, lulling her into an almost sleep-like state. Her mind almost seems to separate from her body, which is just going through the motions of rowing the boat.

As the clouds lift, she sees something she has not seen in days—the cloud blanket pulls back to reveal a small strip of land. She maneuvers the boat in that direction, and continues on with a newfound vigor.

Pulling closer and closer, she sees a large house on the shore, complete with turrets and small towers. She has never seen anything as beautiful as those stones. It’s just as before.

This is where Ana hopes to find a home.

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