Sara was an average girl.She was born in Connecticut,an average state,to average parents.She grew up with average likes,and an average personality.The only thing that was unique about Sara was her unusual hopes and dreams.She knew they would come through,even at the worst times when others would’ve chosen a logical approach and applied for a job at the nearest fast food place.She was here.

The endless maze of books stood before her,and she would have all the time in the world with them.That’s right.Sara’s dreams…were to be a librarian.She dreamed of being with all those hundreds of thousands of pages just waiting to make someone smile,or cry,or laugh.Her dream was fulfilled.

She walked through the library until she found her favorite genre.Not romance,not fantasy,not sci-fi,and definetely not horror.Sara,the dreamer she was,stopped the second she saw poetry.Her hands brushed the names of Rudyard Kipling,Emily Dickenson,and Robert Frost. Then, she saw someone she’d never seen before.

Noah Riadan…

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