How about "credacres"?

“Skreunder. Have you got that?” asked Joel, hopefully.

Beth rolled her eyes. “Joel, that’s not a real word. You can’t have ‘skreunder’. Nor, for that matter, can you have ‘raccus’, ‘heracun’, ‘sucre’ or any of the other words you keep coming up with.”

”’Sucre’ is a word! It totally is! Why can’t I have ‘sucre’?”, Joel asked, sounding hurt. “Because it’s only a word in France, Joel. I don’t know whether you’d noticed, but the name of the game isn’t ‘Le Boggeul’,” Beth replied, cursing herself as she did so. She’d promised herself that she’d cut back on the sarcasm, but Joel didn’t exactly make it easy.

Joel sighed heavily, making it as clear as possible that he was feeling put-upon. “Fine then. Can I have ‘crack’?”

To her credit, Beth managed not to use her patronising voice. “Yes you can, Joel, I haven’t got that one. And ‘crack’ is a real word.”

“Well, duh.”

“No, you can’t have that one, I’ve already seen it…”

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