A Consolidated Threat

With each step She took down the stairs, power exuded from Her; cracks of thunder rang and a trail of indented footprints. Simone realized that She needed a new name, something more befitting one of Her stature. Then She smiled.

As soon as She dealt with those plotting and planning against Her downstairs, She’d have four very awe-inspiring names to choose from. Death had a very nice ring to it.

Simone walked out the front door, immediately catching sight of Alec floating in mid-air. She concentrated and then it all came into focus: TheyHe… were outside of space and time. And, indeed, TheyHe… did not fail to impress. Yes, They were indeed one.

The Four Horsemen… The Horseman… The Apocalypse. And He was beautiful, oh so beautiful. He reeked of the promise of death, exuded all the plights of the world as His own.

Simone’s groin quivered for Him. She had never known love, let alone the version that comes at first sight. She couldn’t destroy this; She’d make Him Her king.

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