Time for Trouble

“Okay, Sweeper, launch an aerial sky probe. Before we go in I want to see just what we’re up against.” Strake switched the radar screen to camera view as a tiny scanner flew up into the sky.

On the screen he watched the ground fall away until, eventually, Lordun came into view.

Lordun, and automated defenses out the wazoo.

“Overlay, infrared and radiation screens.”

Small and large points of light appeared on the image. Sources of energy that powered the various installations and equipment the Mauraders used.

“There,” Jiana pointed to a large bright point almost dead center of the city. “That’s the Primary Power Core.”

“Great,” Strake stared at the screen “Right in the middle of the Library. That’s going to be the most guarded building in the city.”

“I suggest subterfuge,” Jania said. “Infiltration into the Library would be the most efficient.”

“Sure,” Strake answered. “And just how am I going to find a 6’3” Marauder suit?”

“Roughly 753 meters ahead,” Sweeper told him.

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