The Stakes (pt. 2)

Simon stared at Blake, convinced he had completely lost it. “Come again?”

Blake sighed. “Human beings, us, we’re pretty much left on our own down here. God made us, but He don’t care about us. He’s the ultimate Deadbeat Dad.”

Simon nodded. That was a metaphor he could relate to.

“What’s the first rule of magic, kid?” Blake asked.

Simon answered without hesitation. “Keep silent.”

“Right. Same rule for everybody. Vampires hunt in the shadows, wizards practice in the dead of night, any old gods that are still around hide behind human disguises. One reason for that. What do you think would happen when The Big Guy finds out his children are playing god and consorting with the enemy?”

“I dunno’. I’m agnostic.”

“Ever hear of Sodom and Gomorrah? The Flood?”

Simon was stunned. “You mean…? He won’t…”

“He has and He will, kid. These are the stakes we’re playing for. We put a stop to this mess soon or else we won’t have to worry about your succubus ending the world. God and His Archangels will do it for her.”

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