The Bluest Blue (IV)

Brian had the phone in his hands, ready to call the police and have this woman removed by force if need be, but when she mentioned his birthmark, he hung up the phone.

“Nobody knows that but my family,” he said warily, eyeing her as though she was a ferocious predator instead of a slight woman who was barely past five feet.

-But I am your family. Don’t you remember? I’m your wife!
-OK, I get it. I get it. Somebody’s trying to pull a prank on me. Well, ha ha. You got me.
-This is no joke.
-Just tell me who put you up to it. Was it Vinnie?
-David, listen to me.
-Oh, I know! It was the girls from work. This is their kind of joke.
-David, listen!

Her eyes flashed blue lightning. Brian was stunned into silence by the look on her face. Was she.. was she crying? “You really don’t remember me,” she said sadly. ” I knew there was a chance, but I didn’t believe Henry when he told me.”

She sighed. “This is the first time you don’t remember me, but it has been a while since I last saw you. 200 years to be exact.”

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