The Bluest Blue (V)

For a moment there was a silence between them that gaped like a black maw, infinite and frightening. The girl, Madeline began walking towards the still-open door, hugging her arms to her body as if she were cold. As she placed her hand on the doorknob, she turned and looked at Brian over her shoulder.

“I guess I’ll see you in another time. When you actually remember me…and yourself. Good-bye, David.”

She closed the door so softly behind her that it barely made a sound. Brian was left wondering if she had even been there at all. Or if he’d made her up in his head.

In his room, he peeled off his shirt and stood in front of his mirror, looking at the birthmark on his back. It was so pale you could barely see it. Just the faintest outline of a crescent moon. He’d never really thought about it before; it was just a part of him, like his hair and eye color, or the rough patches on his elbows. None of his previous lovers had even noticed it.

So how did she know about it? And why did she keep calling him David?

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