The Fall Guy

“I always preferred being referred to as the pencil lead, the eraser and the paper, personally,” Oz stated. Turning to Simon, “And don’t think about it.”

“What?” Simon said, eyes darting around, seeking an easy exit point.

“Running,” Oz replied. “You’ll just end up back here as long as I want you to.”

“That’s seriously frakked up,” Simon said with a sigh, adding “Frakkin’ Matrix” under his breath. “But I ain’t takin’ the gorram blame for all this.”

“Course not,” Blake interceded. “If anyone’s to blame, it’s the succubus who broke about a dozen rules getting us all here. She’s your fall guy.”

Oz swayed his head, mulling this option over. “Agreed,” he stated.

“Onward then?” Blake asked Oz.

Oz nodded and started forward. “Can we trust him?” Simon asked Blake.

“Not in the least, kid,” Blake replied. “But I got a plan…”

“You do know I can hear you?” Oz interjected, his sword bursting into flame once more. “But we do have a bigger problem.”

“What’s that?” Blake asked.

“The Apocalypse just started.”

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