A Glyph Too Far

“Yes.” The girl looked at the floor, downcast. “You’ve beaten me, you strong, virile hunk.”

One of the seaweed straps slipped exposing a pale white breast to the Duke’s gaze. He lowered his crossbow a little.

“I guess there is nothing I can keep from you.” She reached for the crystal and a pile of rice fell away revealing even more of her shapely chest. “I will have to submit to your whims.”

“Whims? I have whims?”

“All naughty, old men have…whims.” She breathed huskily, stroking the globe suggestively. “They just need a little…help to find them.

“Yes, yes,” the Duke agreed. “I need help finding my whims.”

She stroked the crystal more, making the glyphs shine as her fingers passed over them.

“Don’t touch that one!” The Duke yelled as her finger pressed the Glyph for hiccup. “Nooo!”

The whole room shook as the dragonhome tossed about them, throwing them to the ground. The Duke’s crossbow, torn from his grasp, flew through the air to land inbetween them.

“Oops,” she said.

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