Metaphors Two

The most beautiful place in the world.
There was no doubt about it. The scenery on Lake St. Peter shown with vivid hues and a feeling of togetherness. But then, that’s always the case, thought Serena as she drank in the beauty of the place around her. She loved the way the pure blue sky sparkled with warmth; loved the way that the trees stood out bright green in contrast. She loved the ripples on the surface of the lake, and she loved the serenity and sense of finding oneself that filled her soul when she visited this place, her sanctuary.
Serena tucked a strand of hair behind one ear and tried to smile, wanting to fill her heart with the gleaming sunshine that danced lightly on the water. Wanting to be happy.
But happiness couldn’t come. The rest did—serenity came, security came. But happiness would not. That was odd.
Serena pushed aside the thought. Immediately her head was filled with images of Nick, like so many times these days. Exactly what she had been avoiding subconsciously.
Serena cried.

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