Healing Stuff

I roll my eyes and stand up, knowing that he didn’t find it.

“Forget it. I’ll go ask my dearest daddy!” I start to open the door that leads from the huge room to the narrow hall. What the… Jack was calling after me.

“No! I’m sure I can find it!”

“You do that.” Seemed like every guy I’d ever met either wanted to go out with me or kill me. and I’d only had two guys…. you do the math.

“Hey!” I yell down the hall. “Miiiiiikeeeeey!” I’d never called him “Daddy” except for when jokingly referring to him. My father comes running out and I look up and down at the thin body.

“What happened to you? And your hair?”

“I had some work done. You like it?”

“Yeah, yeah, where’s the healing stuff?”

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