Forever and Ever?

“Your what?!” I screamed. “Well Im moving to colarado. Im sorry my dad got a new job” Devin sighed. I couldnt believe it I just couldnt. Devin the guy I thought I would be with forever is leaving. He’s really leaving. Devin stared at me for a second, looking for any positive emotion. There was none. I watched him as he walked away. The rest of the week just seemed like a blur. On monday the day Devin was moving, leaving me I ditched school. It was a bad day, all I remember is crying. Three years later, my life changed alot. I was boring and not alot of people liked me. That was the worst part. One day my roommate, Dana barged in. “ok Im sick of your sob story! Were going to find that boy even if it kills us!” Dana said grabbing her suitcase. We drove to Colorado. I told her it was hopeless, we would never find him. Then we were in the park when I saw a handsome man standing with a little girl. He turned around, and there was something familiar. Then the little girl pulled on his arm “Daddy lets go home.”

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