Not so according to plan pt. 6

As I peered out of the tinted view screen, I saw hundreds of downed Warwix transport planes.
“It didn’t have to be like this, brother,” I whispered to Fon, ” You could have helped us defeat The Tainted once and for all, and you turn on us and join them…”
“Ahh, I realize you still feel remorse for that fateful day, ” said Fon, relishing the memories of his betrayal to his brother, ” Look what it got me though Falea, my own army! I am second in command of the Death Legion, the most prized regiment in the whole Tainted army!”
“I realize that,” I said, picking each word slowly, seeing that Fon’s choler was rising, ” the day you betrayed the Order was the day of your field promotion to General. You would have been one of Warwix’s supreme advisors. Instead, you fail us, and cripple our computer systems.”
“SILENCE!” Fon yelled, his face turning red with anger, ” save your breath, as Sondar is coming to see you, sooner than you think”
I really wished I could have been somewhere else at that moment.

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